Afrezza and VDEX Diabetes Care Centers


For many people, Afrezza is a life changer in the treatment of diabetes. Unfortunately, getting Afrezza is not as easy as it seems. VDEX Diabetes Care Centers might be the solution for many of those patients who want to try this revolutionary treatment.

Here’s a message from someone working at VDEX Diabetes

Hello, we are focused on the details for our opening and do have plans for more outward communication at that point. However, here is what we can tell you for now; we will be full service for patients. We have a partnership with Jones Medical Instruments and will have a high end spirometer at every location. We will have a doctor on premise and an endo on call who will consult with a patient when necessary. We will have samples of AFREZZA available for those patients that it is an appropriate therapy. And we will help people with processing insurance follow up on prescriptions where necessary. Also we will have diabetic education program available for patients. And no appointment will be necessary. Vdex Diabetes Care Centers will work with a patients PCP and offer high quality, easily accessible care. Please stay tuned… And thank you for your support.

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